What advertisers can learn from a bag of chips (and 2 beer cans)

In Reykjavik, researchers doubled the market share of a brand of potato chips in a number of supermarkets.

How did they do it? Take three guesses. Did they inspire brand love with fantastic commercials? No. A touching purpose-driven activation that was massively shared on social? Nope. A gift with purchase that was a perfect fit with the brand values? Again, no.

The right answer: they moved the brand. From the bottom shelf to the middle shelf.
Well, there we are, us creatives. With all our righteous rationales about brand preference, awareness, daring to be different. Because that middle shelf used to be home to another brand.

Doubtlessly this is a strong, well-loved brand. Only those brands are awarded such a prominent spot by retailers, aren’t they?

I’m sure the marketers at that brand are convinced they have fans with enormous brand love. Perhaps they proudly enter their campaigns for effectiveness awards. Look at that brand preference and intention to buy, people truly consider us a lovemark!

Well … until they have to bend their knees a few inches to get to the bag. Brand love is a beautiful thing, but it doesn’t always translate into sales, does it?

On the other hand, there are the creatives who work for Noble Rey Brewery. They had a different idea.

A prominent spot on the shelves is very important to craft beer, too. So they didn’t come up with a campaign.

They designed packaging that’s so smart and fun, many speciality retailers doubled shelf space for Noble Rey.

With all the effects on sales we know this can have. And the awesome thing is: once we’ve bought one (or rather two) of those cool cans, we also start to love the brand.

Now that’s the kind of idea I’ll drink to. Cheers!