Don’t spot trends, start them

In advertising and design, we have many trends. And people who make a living spotting them. Trouble is, once it’s a trend it’s no longer new. So while one new idea might inspire the next, a trend does the opposite. Trendspotting stifles creativity. Because following trends is about getting it right. Following the new rules. And being creative is about daring to be wrong, rules be damned.

Of course, trendspotters will tell you that whoever’s not on trend is behind the times. In fact, the opposite is true. Following a trend by definition means you’re behind. It’s the only place you can follow from. Yes, a trend may contain a great idea. But someone else has already had it. So move on. Try to come up with the next thing. And don’t worry if you don’t succeed. It’s more creative to fail at setting a trend, then to succeed at following it.