Behavioural economics explained to creatives

Your brain is a creative team (and art does most of the work)

Let me explain behavioural economics in a way creatives can relate to.

Mr. Kahneman figured out our brains are like a creative team.

One part is like the copywriter. Pretty smart. Analytic. Likes to read. Tends to overthink stuff. Not very fast or efficient. But good to have around.

The other part is like the art director. Intuitive. Emotional. Likes pictures. Lots of experience. Trusts her gut.

Kahneman found out that the art director part of our brain (system 1) does most of the work: about 95%.

She quickly decides what action to take. Then, if necessary, she’ll call on the copywriter part (system 2) to write a clever rationale.

He’ll come up with a story that makes the irrational decision seem rational.

Most of the time, this works very well. But sometimes system 1 makes a mistake and system 2 fails to notice.

When this happens, the brain blindly follows some dumb trend. Overestimates how much it knows. Takes the safe option even though it’s a dumb one. And so on.

In fact, there are over 165 of these different brain bugs and glitches.

And you can use these to your advantage. To change peoples’ behaviour without changing their minds first.

It can even help you sell great ideas to clients.