Stop moaning about the brief and start creating

Briefs. They are always too long. Unless they are too, well, brief. They contain too much information. Or too little. The client hasn’t made any choices. Or they’ve made the wrong ones. Briefs are too directive. Or they lack direction. Which all means you can’t get to work. Because all great ideas start with a great brief.

Except they don’t.

The team who came up with that brilliant ad you love? Chances are their brief was no better than the one on your desk today*. Artists from Bowie to Banksy were pretty creative without any brief. So stop moaning, even though you might be right. Say the client had a perfect product, a real USP and a brilliantly positioned brand. Then what would they need creatives for? Exactly. Now stop reading this post and start creating.

*I heard that the team who did “I’m on a horse” for Old Spice got a brief that said “we need a man speaking and looking at the viewer because research shows this works best”. What would YOU have done with that one?